Success Story

BMW stores see over 500% ROI with inventory-driven platform from ZeroSum


• 97 Vehicles touched with marketing

• 32 Moved vehicles attributed to the campaign


  1. Sales staff spending too much
    time fielding poor quality leads.

  2. Cannot view VIN attribution data
    making it difficult to measure return
    on ad spend.

  3. Third-party sites redirect leads
    hindering the user experience.


  1. Returned over 500% ROI by delivering
    high-quality leads from an actively shopping ZeroSum audience.

  2. Can view VIN attribution in
    ZeroSum AI™ platform.

  3. Campaign continually optimizes
    based on available inventory.

There are 3.5 million people actively shopping for a vehicle right now. Target shoppers based on their actions. Not those who might fit some complex and expensive 3rd party audience.

The above BMW clients used ZeroSum Social to target people that were actively shopping then were able to apply VIN-level attribution to their campaign to see the true ROI.

About ZeroSum


ZeroSum is a leader in software, marketing, and data science. Focused on market share growth and inventory based executions. Unique, thin, In-Market audience, and industry changing technology combine the shopper, the journey, and the vehicle in a relevant, useful and timely way that maximizes your vehicles and your website products, with zero waste.